This article focuses on Fiona Frizzle, the new teacher.
For the original Ms.Frizzle, see Valerie Frizzle.
As my big sister always says, Bus, do your stuff
—Fiona to Valerie
Fiona Felicity Frizzle is a character in the Netflix original series, The Magic School Bus Rides Again. She is the very beautiful little sister of Valerie Frizzle, the original Ms. Frizzle. She is voiced by Kate McKinnon. She is the new owner of The Magic School Bus and the new primary human companion of Liz, Ms.Frizzle's chameleon. She looks a lot like her big sister.


Fiona is very intelligent and clever, very unique and compromising. She always has something planned out to teach the kids a fun way and very much cares for the bus. She enjoys rhyming and wincing like any other Frizzle.


Fiona has long red hair and green eyes. Her main outfit consists of a royal blue long sleeve shirt, a light blue skirt with patterns that change depending on the subject of the episode, and red ballet flats.