Seat Belts Everyone
—Ms. Frizzle
This article focuses on Valerie Frizzle, the predecessor of the current Ms. Frizzle.
For the current Ms.Frizzle, see Fiona Frizzle.

Professor Valerie Felicity Frizzle is a main character in The Magic School Bus Rides Again and the older sister of Fiona Frizzle. She is voiced by Lily Tomlin.


Valerie is a science professor at the local Walkerville college. She used to be the teacher of Ms.Frizzle’s fourth grade class at Walkerville Elementary before she gave up the keys to Fiona. Her assistant is Goldie, a golden tamarin monkey, and her vehicle is the motorcycle, who slightly resembles the bus. She is now the on-screen producer of The Magic School Bus, and shows affection especially for her favorite student Arnold. She is very fond of scary stories as seen at the end of Ralphie Strikes a Nerve. She was the inventor of the bus along with Fiona, and They won the Gizmos that Go contest that year.